Tuesday, January 4, 2011

internship: week 2

Well the second week was quite short because of the new year, but full of pages to write ;-).
Now that the structure is a little bit better and after the second Documentation reunion (made on Jan 2nd), I've been working on Clock Settings, that has topics such as how the clock is displayed on the panel, how to set different locations (for the weather shown depending on where you are), etc.
This is not such an easy thing to do, most pages were done from before, so if you're writing on them, you need to know the approach that the person who created it wanted to give it. It's not just a writing stuff.
Mallard has been a great markup language for working on the Documentation, the results are way better than working with Docbook (the language used before). And even when I learned basic things about Mallard during the application process to the internship, i've been always reading and learning more about it from HERE.

I come back to work now, so I just wanted to give thanks for reading.

Happy new year to Planet GNOME :-)!

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