Monday, March 7, 2011

internship weeks ...

User Help Hackfest it's about to happen (March, 17th!). And all the paperwork between the Embassy and the flights reservations got me out of my mind for almost 2 week (without mention the muscle sprain I've got now in my left hand :(...).
I've been wanting to mention for weeks the great change that had the Clock and Calendar in Gnome Shell. I really loved it, it's too much useful now.

I have been testing it, and I'm really glad of what I saw. I configured my account on Evolution and add a couple of fake activities or appointments and automatically they appear in the calendar.
I add an screenshot to show it better.

It's funny to say that when I'm not running Gnome Shell it's kind of weird, and I try to go to the left superior corner to see my activities (windows opened) when they are in the bottom bar actually. That is another thing of Gnome3 that I totally adore, the fact that you can be completely focused on what are you doing, without have to see the other windows (Specially when they change the colour to catch your attention).

Now me and Tiffany (mimico) are updating and deleting outdated pages, this means that there are some pages that just do not apply for Gnome3 or just contain information not totally updated.

I have to re-order the Look and Feel section, to make more easy to review the important topics in there for the users.

Well, I'll try to keep this blog updated, at least for the remining days.
Regards to Planet Gnome.

Bye :).