Friday, January 28, 2011

internship weeks 4, 5 and 6!

Hi everyone!

This weeks I have been trying so hard to build and run Gnome Shell. It was a big thing to do... at least for me.

At first I had Ubuntu 10.04, and after a few hours I finally built it... but when I tried to run it, Gnome Shell worked incredibly slow, I couldn't even minimize the windows in a right way. I asked in the gnome-shell channel on IRC for help (I appreciate the help they gave me) and somebody told me that I should update mesa...

To simplify a little the story, when I tried to update mesa, the X collapsed (I'm sure I did something wrong).

So I decided to install Ubuntu 10.10 and now Gnome Shell works perfectly!

I haven't done so much on Gnome Help, due to me problems with Gnome-Shell. But now that it works fine, it's time to recover the lost time!

I have added content to two empty pages  ("Switch between users without logging-out" and "Dim the screen after a certain period") and also created a section for Printing and Scanning in the index with two separated topic pages for each theme.

In the meanwhile the clock of Gnome-Shell isn't merged I took the responsibility to work on other missing topics.

I always end the posts giving thanks, and this time it won't be different: I want to give thanks to Marina, Tiffany (mimico), people on Gnome-Shell channel who helped me and, of course, to Shaun McCance(for having a lot of patience with me).

That's all!
Thanks for reading.
Regards to Planet Gnome!

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