Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hackfest - Toronto !

Where can I start?
It was my first time on a plane... wasn't bad at all. It was my first time out of Chile, too good to be true.
In the airport was Ryan Lortie waiting for me (with 4 Redbulls! Thanks Tiffany and Ryan :D).
Then at the hotel I finally met: Jim Campbell, Johannes Schmid, Germán Póo (compatriot!) and Shaun McCance, my mentor.

We went to the Seneca College, and that afternoon I met Tiffany Antopolski and later Phil Bull. And a few days later to Scott and Mike.

I think there's no need to mention how hard we worked, as Phil Bull did in his blog, this can talk for us.
It was amazing to work with all these people, but this time, the fact of work under the same roof it's even better. We could share some opinions, ask each other of how was the better way to make things, etc.

Even when I missed some classes at my University, this experience really worth it. It may sound a little bit twee, but I'll never forget that week!
There were even some Spanish and French lessons! Where our internal tortugas came out. It was too much work and too much fun. So much stories to tell.

I wanted to thank to all the attendants to the Hackfest (even to those who participated remotely). I hope continue contributing to GNOME! The Outreach Program for Women finished, but there's still so much to do.
I still have so much to tell, but it can be in another post.

Thanks GNOME Foundation for the sponsorship.  

Thanks for reading.
Regards to GnomePlanet!