Friday, January 7, 2011

internship: week 3

Hi everyone!

There's not too much new things to write about. In this week I have been only working on Clock Settings: I wrote a few pages and then I sent them to Shaun McCance and waited for him to have a quick look on them  and finally I pushed them.

I had to get an account on Gnome Mango a few days ago to be able to push "my changes", because since I started the internship I was making it through Shaun. There's so much things to do yet, I'm looking over the unfinished themes to pick one and write as I did it with the Clock.

I think I'm kind of slow yet, but I'm getting faster every day :). I have learned so many things, and I have to say I'm so glad about having this summer to learn so many things.
I really think that the experiences are the greatest masters in life, more than University's, etc (I'm not saying that they aren't important, but sometimes they're not up to date in what they teach).

Okay, it's like a poor post but it's all I've got by now. Maybe I'll add a recipe from my favorite desserts pretty soon ;-).
Thanks for reading. Regards to Planet Gnome.

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