Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GNOME Outreach Program for Women !!

I would be lying if I say I'm not happy about it. I would be lying if I say I'm not nervous at all because of this.

At first, I was really hesitant about applying to this Program (not because I didn't wanted to, but I thought I couldn't make it). Even when my available time was  limited,  I made a contribution to the Rhythmbox's user help.

And finally I was accepted on the GNOME Outreach Program for Women, and I could'nt be much more excited about this!
I'll be working in Documentation Project, with Shaun McCance as my mentor :).
This is a great chance in my life and I'm gonna take advantage of this... I'll do my best to learn and help from GNOME!

I want to give thanks to Marina Zhurakhinskaya and to Paul Cutler, for helping me through all the application process. And also give thanks to Shaun McCance for being my mentor :).

Regards to Gnome Planet!

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